Financing A Home Addition

Remodeling Loan

If you're considering a home improvement project in your home, there are many opportunities that are available to you for financing your construction loan. Depending upon your individual situation, you may be able to have a project done in your home while significantly reducing your monthly expenses and improving your tax savings.

Below are some tips that can help you finance your project with maximum savings:

To know how much you can afford, start by pre-qualifying. Wilmington Builders can help you with this with just a simple phone call to our office at 910-202-8042, but it can also be done through a secure line via the Internet on your home computer, or by mail. Pre-qualifying covers all key financial elements of your situation, and provides up-front assurance that you will be financing a project that you can truly afford.

Many people who want to finance a home improvement project don't have perfect credit. Wilmington Builders specializes in working with prospective customers who have had previous credit problems, so don't let this concern stop you.

Take advantage of these valuable tips to maximize your financial and tax situation. Contact Wilmington Builders to proceed with the Pre-qualifying process now!

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